Exciting June!

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The month of June kicked off with a lot of enthusiasm as the groups were all expected to prove their worth in the skills newly acquired, especially in the area of powder soap production.


Our objectives of the month were to discuss leadership qualities with women/girls, teach basic bookkeeping skills to the various groups, monitor the soap production, and support the arts and crafts component of this project by encouraging the women trained to produce at least 50 table mats with recycled paper beads.

Leadership discussions: the interactive sessions involved 68 women and girls who shared about the basic leadership qualities any female leader should have. They shared their experiences and the challenges they face with female leadership in their rural communities. They stressed on the qualities they have to exercise as leaders in their clubs; self-confidence, responsiveness to the group’s needs, active and proactive, open-minded, good in communication, etc.


Basic bookkeeping: we need to work with the groups to ensure that they are able to record their finances and keep a good track of their records to ensure accountability. We worked with the women to help them understand how they can keep records of their sales and an inventory of their items.  The women expressed their appreciation for the timely intervention of the training because they are already equipped materially and financially for income generation, with the powder soap production. 85 women and girls from 5 groups participated.


Production of beads: One of our club, where 23 women and girls were trained on the production of paper beads with recycled papers, did a marvelous job by producing 83 table mats! Contact us to purchase and support the group.


Monitoring soap production: all the groups are actively engaged in producing and marketing the powder soap. One group with 15 women and girls had a last training. Some groups faced some few challenges with their marketing strategies, and we will train them on that aspect during the month of July.