Awesome August

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We give a big shout to Uwimana Olabisi, an amazing lady who started collaboration with the African Youth Alliance, through the donation of 03 sewing machines during the month of August. We look forward to some fruitful partnerships with Uwimana in future; the machines will be used by our young women and girls on a sewing social enterprise project.

SPARK GRANT activities

A SPARK funded project, we started earlier this year is making great strides. The grant from Spark has supported the establishment of 5 women clubs and about 300 women/young girls who have been trained on powder soap and body lotion production are already generating a regular income from the sales of their produce in their various communities.

We continue our monthly discussions on women’s rights and gender-based violence with the various groups we work with on this project. It is still a sensitive topic and we continuously face some challenges in discussing it.  Rural women are marginalized and they experience a lot of psychological/physical violence, 1 over 2 of our beneficiaries has experienced gender based violence, because they are not aware of their rights. Women and girls are not empowered to challenge these unjust policies affecting their lives. We look forward to implementing a project that will empower them more on their rights in the days ahead.

One group of 15 girls inspired by the monthly discussions we have, decided to start a choir group, to advocate for women and girls rights in their community. They want to use songs and music to pass messages about gender equality!



We officially launched and environmental project with the support of the Lush Charitable Giving Program.  We will train in one year, 100 rural women on organic farming growing, and use of vegetal proteins for food security and the protection of the environment. The women are organized in 4 groups and they all received various seeds and tools.

They all established 1 garden where they will have carrots and cabbages and 1 farm where they will have maize, beans, Irish potatoes and soya beans crops. Over 100 women were trained during the month on how to do a compost heap for the production of organic manure.

We are in the peak of the rainy season in Cameroon and the heavy rains are sometimes, a major challenge for our volunteers reaching out to rural women in remote communities. The roads leading to the various villages we work with are unfortunately extremely bad at this time of the year.