October updates

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The month of October with the African Youth Alliance team and all our various groups witnessed a number of activities, training sessions/mentoring, deliberations, practical and record evaluation.

SPARK GRANT activities

We set out in the month with the following objectives to attain:

  1. Training on medicated soap
  2. Production of body lotion in one group
  3. Monitoring of book keeping in all the groups
  4. Discussions on leadership qualities

Skin diseases like ringworm, scabies, rashes, are common in and around our local communities. The objective of the training on medicated soap was to help improve on the health and hygienic conditions in the communities concerned. The training was carried out in four groups (Aboh, Mbulom, Baingo and Bamenda). The women and girls were very excited to have witnessed the production of medicated soap for their first time and a total of 66 women/girls benefited from the soap production training.

In reaction to the training, Omega Kuoh (14 years) expressed a feeling of accomplishment as she had been trained to prepare soap and help other people in her community. Besides, Sylvia (40 years) was happy that AYA is projecting them to prominent heights with knowledge and skills in soap production. She wished God to continue blessing, providing and empowering AYA more and more.

Another training on body lotion was done to 15 girls in the Njinikijem group. In reaction to the training, Ayong Anita (15 years) thanked the facilitator for the training and pledged her commitment to the group in other to benefit from future training sessions.

It was observed in all the groups visited that there is a great improvement as far as book keeping is concerned. Although they still stick to their old format of recording finances, every other thing is in other. All the groups were monitored on this book keeping for the month.

Discussions were held on leadership qualities with women and girls. The sessions were very interactive. Kome Martha (26 years), thanked the facilitator for her inspirational and life changing lecture. She said the discussion caused her to be henceforth tolerant; she promised to tolerate others and strive to support others instead of waiting to be pleased. An emphasis was laid on the leaders to delegate powers to others if they were to be absent to ensure smooth continuity of the group activities.



We had the following objectives for the month:

  1. Follow up of farms and gardens,
  2. Training on nutrition

All the farms and gardens are flourishing and the groups are very active. Some groups added some local vegetables in their garden. One group had an exceptional garden and a very good yield of cabbage seedlings. They decided to sell them to generate some income for their group.

We started our first lessons on nutrition. The topics handled were carbohydrates, sources and functions of carbohydrates’ and a review of classes of food was done. In reaction to this, Nkwain Mercy (40 years) said she was so grateful for the lesson and her prayer was that many more of such lessons be taught to them.  A total of eighty women/girls benefited from this training.


Most of the farms are very far away and also very inaccessible. It is therefore a very big task to reach the farms. Even motor bikes cannot enter such farms given the hilly nature of the farm areas. The women really need to be applauded for walking such distances on a weekly basis.

We observe with dismay that many teenage girls are pregnant in our rural communities. Unfortunately, the African Youth Alliance does not always have the means to reach out to more women and girls. There is an urgent need for sex education and why not family planning lessons to cut down or completely stamp out the rate of pregnancy among our teens. We need to work hard and to gain more support to form more groups, to reach out to more women and girls and to discourage early marriages in rural communities.

Contact us at africanyouthalliancegroup@gmail.com if you are interested in supporting our activities.