November updates

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During this month, we evaluated our activities, progress and the impact of the skills acquired so far by women and girls from the trainings on our main sponsored projects. We also organized a series of community mobilizations in 2 villages of North West Cameroon to commemorate the 16 days of activism against gender based violence. We discussed and shared on the importance for women to come together and belong to groups. They acknowledged that together they are stronger in promoting their rights and fighting against gender based violence in their communities.

SPARK GRANT activities

Our objectives were to:

  • Encourage discussions on women’s rights and how to identify gender-based violence in our various groups to inform them about the 16 days of activism against gender based violence
  • Monitor the performance of our various groups on medicated soap, detergent and body lotion production

All our 5 groups and a total of over 310 women and girls earmarked for this project are trained and are producing and marketing medicated soap, detergent and body lotion.

Two groups have established formal businesses and are now selling the items they produce in small kiosks in the local market of their communities. The items help them to generate income for themselves and the whole group. it also help their families and communities.

Kiosk of the African Youth Alliance Group in Baingo Village.
Selma, 23 years old testified that the medicated soap has  helped her nephew who used to suffer from body rashes.

All women and girls recognize that their active participation in the African Youth Alliance groups helped them economically, but also to build their confidence and self-esteem. They are happy to have these safe discussions spaces where they can share about their various challenges and have the support of their peers.



Our objectives for the month were to:

  1. Monitor our group farms and gardens,
  2. Organize 4 practical lessons on nutrition

We are almost at the peak of the dry season. Most gardens need constant watering, the groups have organized themselves to water the gardens every day and they are very grateful for the support of watering cans which are very useful now.

Three groups have started harvesting crops from their gardens and farms.

harvest of maize and beans by African Youth Allaince group of women at Igam Village

All the groups actively participated during the practical lessons on nutrition which consisted of cooking lessons. The rural women and girls were extremely happy because this is a huge innovation in their communities

48 rural women and girls from Aboh and Baingo groups were trained on how to prepare a potatoes/vegetables dish called in Cameroon “hot pot”. Our objective was to add value to the potatoes they cultivate and teach them another method of preparing a balanced meal from potatoes. After the training, their excitement was visible. the mouthwatering dish was eaten by all the participants with very high appetite.

All the members expressed their happiness and revealed that they did not know that potatoes and vegetables could be prepared in such a delicious way.


I am very grateful to the African Youth Alliance for this lesson. I plead that more of such training should be given to our group. Mercy Fulai (37 years old, African Youth Alliance Group, Aboh Village)

52 rural women and girls from Tumuku and Igam villages were trained on how to prepare soy beans balls. We made sure we used items available in their communities/farms like maize flour, bananas, soybeans flour, bicarbonate and cooking oil. The participants told us they did not know such a delicious product could be obtained from soybeans and maize.

Unlike in the past when they did know exactly what to do with soybeans, they are now aware that it is a very high source of proteins and they will make good use of it in future.

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