January 2018 updates

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We started our first month of 2018 in a very exciting way!

We launched 2 new projects.

100 rural women from Afua village will benefit from organic gardening and farming support to improve on food security and nutrition for their children and families, while protecting the forest and maintaining an environmentally friendly society.

60 disadvantaged women from slums of Bamenda will gain basic literacy, social entrepreneurship skills, gain employment and improve the quality of their family lives.

We continued training on nutrition and the monitoring of gardens and farms under our LUSH CHARITY POTS Funded project.  

Rural women were happy to learn about the various types of vegetables and their nutritional values on health.


Finally, we are very pleased and excited to introduce Michelle Wafo,

Michelle Wafo

who officially joins our team of volunteers at the African Youth Alliance. She represents the African Youth Alliance in the USA and supports our fundraising and networking efforts. We are grateful for the fundraiser she organized on her birthday this month to support our activities.  A BIG THANK YOU to all those who contributed! Your donations will help us improve the lives of rural women and girls of North West Cameroon.

Contact us at africanyouthalliancegroup@gmail.com if you want to join us as a volunteer or to support our activities.