Activities of February 2018

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Despite some few troubles due to sociopolitical tensions in our region, we had an exciting and busy February!

The two environment projects we currently carry on with rural women include some nutrition classes to improve on food security. We encourage them to cultivate soya beans as alternative sources of proteins.  We trained over 200 rural women on the nutritional values of soya beans, an essential natural source of proteins. They learned how to process and preserve it to produce milk; and how to prepare soya beans balls with maize flour, and bananas all available in their immediate environment.


The African Youth Alliance supports highly marginalized young women to gain basic literacy and social entrepreneurship skills, get help with employment as well as support to improve the quality of their family lives. We started some practical training sessions with about 60 women and girls in Bamenda. They are learning crafts with recycled paper beads.

They also learned how to produce powder soap for use and income generation.

We are grateful to WACRIA Chapter of the University at Albany, who organized a fundraiser event on Valentine’s Day to support our activities with women and girls. We say a HUGE THANK YOU to all those who contributed.


Contact us at if you are interested in supporting our activities.