March updates…

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The month of March is the peak period for farming activities in rural communities of North West Cameroon where we work. It started up with a lot of euphoria with various women’s groups receiving high quality farm seeds (potatoes, beans, maize, soya beans and cocoyam seeds) and training sessions on how to plant them properly.

Our environment and agriculture projects with rural women include nutrition classes. They learn what a balance diet is and how to prepare simple balanced meals recipes with available vegetables and we focus on sources of plant based proteins for food security. During the month of March, we worked with over 300 rural women in different villages. They received various nutrition classes. They were trained on the importance of soya beans as a vegetal source of proteins. They learned how to produce various products from soybeans like soybean milk powder, soybean balls with bananas.


They learned the importance of vegetables and how to prepare them through the example of a delicious and attractive meal using the potatoes, carrots and other vegetables they produce.



They learned how to prepare nutritive protein balls with a type of bean called locally “Koki bean”.


It is important to provide young women with not just a traditional education but one that can incorporate skills-based learning and advocacy for themselves and their peers. We have engaged over 60 women earlier this year on training sessions that will enable them gain employment  and improve the quality of their family lives. They have started by leaning how to produce powder soap and arts & crafts with recycled paper beads and plastic beads.



For women’s day activities, we organized training sessions for 5 groups of about 150 rural women and girls. We extend our sincere appreciation to Michelle, a volunteer of the African Youth Alliance, who organized a fundraising on her birthday earlier this year. Her gracious support gave us the opportunity to train these rural women and girls on two income generating activities.


4 groups learned how to produce body lotion



And one group learned how to produce peanuts.

Thank you Michelle and thank you all those who donated for our activities.

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