Busy month of May!

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The month of May was busy with activities at the African Youth Alliance despite the socioeconomic persistent troubles in the North West region. We had 3 major activities.

1- Education and awareness raising activities on Menstrual Hygiene Management The Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018 on 28th May was celebrated by all the girls of the African Youth Alliance. We had a series of workshops with 40 girls of 3 of our clubs: Education on private hygiene and maintenance of reusable sanitary pads, sharing of experiences and at the end the production of some pads by girls.


Through our discussions and exchanges with the girls,  we observed that there is a lack of communication between girls and their mothers concerning menstruation issues. Most of them said that they rather prefer to discuss it with their elder sisters or with thei rfriends. The reason given is that with moms the dialogue is not open, moms are not very attentive to their needs in terms of information concerning sex and even to reassure them. They feel freer to discuss with friends or sisters. Many girls didn’t know how to take car of themselves during menstruation, where ashamed to discuss sexuality and  even to pronounce words like sex, or vagina.

We had a surprise for all the girls present, 40 menstrual kits.

Each kit was made of:  3 pants, 3 reusable sanitary pads and 1 bag for storage. All the pads and kit bags where sewn by 3 of our volunteers. The excitement was at the top! All the girls gave their commitment to make a good use of what their received and to share the information to their friends, sisters and other girls of their community.

May activities for World Menstrual Hygiene Day wouldn’t have been possible without the gracious support and donations of


                                              Michelle our untiring volunteer in the USA,


                                                                   Toddia Njanga in the USA


The WACRIA Chapter of the University at Albany

2- Cooking lessons for use and income generation: During this month, we had a training session on the production of cakes; Yogurt cake, white cake, and soy beans cake for personal use and income generation.



The attendance, 39 girls present showed how much their value and are engaged for this activity.

3- Crafts and jewelry : The training session on crafts with beads is still going on in our club of disadvantaged women in Bamenda. About 30 women and girls are learning various designs of jewelry.



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While the training is not yet finish, we were glad to hear that some of them are already supplying customers. We will share some success story in our next updates.

Sisters Empowering Sisters is more than a motto at the African Youth Alliance, it’s a shared commitment!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA