June 2018 updates

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The month of June was rather calm. Many activities slowed down because of the conflict in the North West region of Cameroon .

During this month, we reached out to 36 women and girls in Bamenda with various training sessions on financial management, female leadership


and arts & crafts (production of flowers jars and sandals with plastic beads).

Our activities with our groups of rural women and girls are limited due to the sociopolitical tensions still ongoing in their communities. We are grateful to have our groups of women and girls strong together and keeping up with their group activities. The communities where we work are the most affected, we try to keep up with basic activities. They hold on to solidarity more than ever before, some groups are growing bigger because they host many internally displaced other families, mostly girls and women from the area whose houses were completely burned down and who had some of their family members killed or abducted.

Despite the challenges and difficulties of displacement and life in the forest for some, they are all in good health. They more than ever need each other for psychological and material support. They more than ever need us because it is hard to have basic supplies like soap, sanitary pads, etc.

We extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all those who supported our activities during the month.

Contact us at africanyouthalliancegroup@gmail.com if you want to work with us.