July 2018 with AYA

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We had a very fruitful and successful month of July. The African Youth Alliance volunteers worked very hard to carry out all the activities that were programmed for the month despite the continuous unrest and sociopolitical crisis in our region and communities. Our activities covered:

  • Training on jewellery and crafts with recycled paper and plastic beads designs with a new batch of 5 girls,
  • Body lotion production for a total of 75 women and girls from 1 group in Bamenda and 1 group in a village of North West Cameroon
  • Monitoring of powder soap production and basic lessons in bookkeeping and accounting in 2 groups in Bamenda
  • Computer training for a first batch of 5 girls in Bamenda


Production of jewellery and crafts with recycled paper and plastic beads

The training on the production of jewellery and crafts with recycled paper and plastic beads is currently going on for 5 girls. They are being trained on various beads designs to produce earrings, bangles and necklaces.

« I am very excited about the on-going training on beads; my parents are also very impressed with what I have learned so far, my mother is very proud to wear some jewellery I have produced so far. I am very happy and grateful to be part of the group. » Albright (16 years)


Body lotion production

Over 75 women and girls benefited from this training.

We started with one African Youth Alliance group of 15 women and girls in Bamenda city. The facilitator started by listing the importance of homemade body lotion. They were advised to also extend a hand of fellowship to the needy in their communities after acquiring the skills. About 30 litres of lotion was produced and shared to all the participants at the training. The women were so impressed with the product given that most of them have kids and relations who are also going to benefit from the lotion.

The training on body lotion production was also conducted with about 60 women and girls in a village of North West Cameroon. The particularity of this group of women and girls is that it comprises internally displaced women and girls who flee the conflict in their communities of origin.  We extend gratitude to WACRIA who sponsored this training .


Computer training

A first batch of 5 girls are currently sponsored by our association to do computer lessons (WORD, EXCEL, PUBLISHER and POWERPOINT) in a multimedia center in our city. The trainees have been attending classes for over a month now. One of the trainees 16 year old Sandra says she can now boost of the following programs learned: Mavis Beacon, Microsoft word, Photo grid pictures, Construction of time tables and price-list; Computer short cuts, painting and postcards among others.


Monitoring of powder soap businesses and basic accounting/bookkeeping lessons

We encourage our various groups to establish small business from what they produce through the various skills they learn from the African Youth Alliance. They have engaged in the sales of powder soap since they were trained and we continuously monitor their production and sales of powder soap. A part from monitoring the businesses they establish, we have continuously supporting them with training on basic bookkeeping and basic accounting.

 Activities were very successful this month. We extend our sincere appreciation to all our volunteers and partners for their support.

We have the pleasure welcome Laura Hanzel


our new Fundraiser Volunteer from the USA to our team, thank you for your kindness and continuous support!

A special THANK YOU to WACRIA who continuously supports our activities.

Kindly reach out to us at africanyouthalliancegroup@gmail.com if you want to work with us.