The African Youth Alliance at the 10th edition of the Cameroon Youth forum

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On the occasion of the International Youth Day, we would like to share an article of Stephanie, our volunteer in charge of Girls Activities. She shares her experience at the 2018 Cameroon Youth Forum in Garoua, Cameroon.



From the 16th to 20th July 2018, youths coming from the 10 regions of Cameroon met in Garoua to celebrate the 10th edition of the Cameroon Youth forum (CYF). This event lead each year by a civil society organization called Zenu Network was organized this year in partnership with the Cameroun National Youth Council (CNYC), The Young African leaders Initiative (YALI) Alumni Association and the US Embassy in Cameroon. About 500 Youth coming from the Littoral, South West, Center, East, North and Far North were hosted at the wildlife school of Garoua for an intensive week of activities.

The Opening Ceremony

The colorful and lively opening ceremony was held by the Minister of Youth affairs and Civic Education Mr Mounouna Foutsou, who was accompanied by the Governor of the North region Mr Jean Edie Abate, the SDO Mr Nkolo Eva Emmanuel, the newly elected President of the National Youth Council Mrs Fadimatou Iyawa and the outgoing President Mr Jean Marc Mbafon


The activities during the forum

Busy schedule for all the youth present; within conference on how to reinforce citizenship culture and voluntary activities among youth facilitate by YALI Alumni we had workshops on how to discover skills and talent, promote know-how and enhance living together.

Alongside of that the youth received some tools to develop their analytical skills through lecture-discussions, advices to enable them participate in the promotion and protection of their cultural heritage and build their capacities to engage with companies and state structures working on youth issues.


Many youth by the occasion have been mentor by the YALI Alumni; Presentation of YALI programs and online registration on the ongoing YALI program, discussion on leadership and community engagement was the key topic of discussion between the youth and the Alumni.

The “Mandela day”

The 18th July, birthday of the venerated icon south African-born Nelson Mandela instituted by UN General Assembly in November 2009 was highly celebrated by the youth. The day, fondly called Nelson Mandela International Day, or Mandela Day, is a global call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world, and the ability to impact. The youth present in Garoua shown this commitment through several communities’ activities. The youth, together with the YALI Fellows in Garoua planted 100 trees for Mandela’s 100 years. On this particular event The YALI fellows visited an orphanage and a youth care center to share love and some gifts with children

“It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it” said Nelson Mandela. It’s time for the youth to take the lead! And it first starts by engaging in their communities.

See you at the 2019 edition in the Center region!