August 2018 updates

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The month of August was a busy and very fruitful one.

We continue to monitor our environment projects with about 14 functional community gardens and farms for 7 groups of rural women and girls. It is the harvesting period in most gardens and farms for these groups of rural women and girls that engage in agriculture with the African Youth Alliance.

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Our activities for the month covered:

  • Computer training for a second batch of 11 women and girls in Bamenda
  • Completed the training on jewellery and crafts with recycled paper and plastic beads designs with 5 girls,
  • Powder soap production for a total of about 80 women and girls from a village of North West Cameroon
  • Training on Menstrual Hygiene Management and distribution of 121 reusable sanitary pads and 50 pants to over 50 rural women and girls internally displaced by the crisis in North West Cameroon


  1. Computer training

We have always had many requests from our groups of women and girls to be empowered on computer literacy.  It is like a dream come true when they started the training last July. We have so far trained 16 women and girls in 2 sets. They young women and girls were taught Microsoft word, publisher, PowerPoint, excel just to name a few. Among all the programs, the trainees disclosed that the most challenging was Excel while the most interesting was Publisher.

The girls are very happy with what they have learned so far and are confident that with constant practice, they are going to greatly improve on their performance.

26 year old Mirabel, a house wife is so full of excitement and plans to open her computer documentation upon completion of the training.
The youngest in our team of trainees is nine years old Beri a primary school pupil. Beri is just happy to learn and know the computer.


  1. Arts and crafts training

The training on beads that started in July with five girls was completed this month with 8 girls. The girls have learned various designs of beads and are now marketing them.  They are very happy with the skills already acquired.


  1. Powder soap production and Training on Menstrual Hygiene Management

Over 80 rural women and girls were trained on powder soap production.  They also learned menstrual hygiene management and the advantages of reusable sanitary pads. This training is critical for these women and girls.

Due to the conflict in North West Cameroon, many women and girls are internally displaced and cut off from access to basic necessities like hygiene products and sanitary pads. 121 sanitary pads and 80 pants were distributed to the neediest women and girls in the group.

We extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to WACRIA, who sponsored this project. We are very pleased to start an official collaboration with the association and we look forward to a fruitful partnership.

Kindly contact us at if you are interested in supporting our activities.