November 2018 updates

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The month of November started up with a lot of enthusiasm from all the members of the African Youth Alliance following a suspension of activities at the end of October  due to the uncertain socio political atmosphere around the election period in our region.  We have mobilized about 35 girls who will join our group of girls in Bamenda next year.  They are anxiously waiting for the highly motivated activities of the African Youth Alliance. A part from their regular meetings which hold twice a month and which are safe discussion spaces where the girls can interact and discuss various subjects,   the groups in Bamenda had two practical training sessions.

Our groups of rural women and girls are engaged in a project that will enable them gain basic knowledge on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and menstrual hygiene management (MHM).

Our objectives for the month were:

  • Organize workshops with the nurse in all the groups of rural women/girls with lesson by nurse to the groups on, puberty, the menstruation cycle and changes that  occur in the body during menstruation
  • organize a training session on female leadership and thinking towards success for one group of girls in Bamenda
  • organize a training on the production of a snack highly consumed and commercialized in Bamenda for our 2nd group of women/girls in Bamenda

Workshops with 5 groups of rural women

In September, We started a project that will enable rural women and girls to basic information on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Menstrual Hygiene Management and access to washable sanitary pads during their period. This month, With the support of a community nurse, we discussed puberty and the biological changes that occur for girls and boys during that period with 197 rural women and girls.

95% of the women/girls engaged on the project recognize this is the first time they have the opportunity to discuss such subjects which are considered taboo in the village. They are very active during the workshops and are extremely grateful for all the lessons and all what they learn so far.


Activities with the groups in Bamenda

The lessons on female leadership and positive thinking towards success for girls were a huge success. Twelve girls benefited from this lesson. They were encouraged to be positive, confident and to take up leadership roles in school or in various groups they belong to.

They were also encouraged be creative in order to upgrade the skills learned at the African Youth Alliance. As a response to this lesson 18years old Fanuella a student, vowed to change her way of reasoning i.e. to overcome fear and learn to sacrifice for her goals.

Our second group in Bamenda learned how to produce peanuts a snack highly consumed in Bamenda.

Most women who benefited from the training said they are going to produce it for income generation during the festive season in December.

We remain grateful to all our sponsors, supporters and community based volunteers for the support and all the hard work despite the difficult conditions we live in North West Cameroon.