6 Months Updates (Feb to June 2019)

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Hello Friends and supporters!

We had a moment of silence due to some internal changes and adjustments at the African Youth Alliance! We are back with updates on our activities and projects with women and girls in North West Cameroon.

February, March and April were proactive months for AYA groups. Two major activities were carried out reaching out to a total of 341 women/girls. The first activity was the training of all 7 groups on production of Medicated Aloe Vera soap.


The training aimed at improving their personal hygiene and the excess from the production was sold to generate income.

AYA 1st women workshop under the theme “Discussing the challenges faced by women in terms of traditional norms and values” was organised with women, quarter-heads and council chairpersons.

69 women from Aboh and Ntum groups were empowered with leadership skills to enable them advocate on their rights and tackle gender-based violence in customary courts and the community at large.

In May we reached out to a total of 448 women/girls in 7 AYA groups. The main activities carried out were trainings on production of body lotion, completing medicated soap production in 2 groups and nestling of cabbage seeds in the group gardens.

Discussion sessions were held in all groups on the challenges faced by women/girls groups when it comes to succession.

Women were encouraged to exercise patience as they seek to address these challenges and change the cultural norms and values.

In June the concept of reusable sanitary pads was introduced to 7 groups. They learned how to  taught how maintain and use them and a total of 360 cotton pants and 620 reusable sanitary pads were distributed to each member reaching out to 237 women/girls.


The community nurse also rounded up discussions on reproductive health with focus on contraceptive and birth control methods, contraceptive method services available in the community and how to have access to them.

Patience Maih (34 years) a volunteer of Alinekoe group in Tumuku had this to say, in quotes

Patience Maih 34 years Volunteer Alinekoe group

“I have benefited from the family planning method taught by African Youth Alliance especially the calendar method which goes with safe and unsafe period and I am now able to space my children”

Another major activity carried out were discussion meetings on Marriage rites and its challenges. The objective of the activity was to help identify the causes of violence faced by women/girls in marriage and how it could be addressed. A total of 177 women were reached out and they highly appreciated the knowledge gained.

Activities implementation was challenging in July, due to ongoing crisis in Anglophone regions and poor health of the field coordinator and volunteers. Notwithstanding, discussion sessions were held in 5 groups on widows rites and its challenges, reaching out 127 women/girls.

Several difficulties faced by widows were raised:  seizing of their husband’s properties by the successor, forcing them to remarry the successor or keeping them indoors. The traditional councils and chairpersons were encouraged to brainstorm on this pertinent issue during their council meetings.  We reached out to 123 women and girls. Groups  transplanted seedlings of cabbages in the gardens and produced powder soap, medicated aloe vera soap, body lotion etc. to raise income.

Wointoh Evelyn (49 years) , President of Alinekoe group said, in quotes

Wointoh Evelyn 49 years President Alinekoe group

“I have benefited from the trainings by African Youth Alliance which have enabled me to able to produce powder soap detergent, medicated soap and body lotion and sell to take care of my family. I am happy because AYA has removed poverty from me and my community”

We express our sincere appreciation to all our donors, volunteers and supporters!