Quarterly updates (July to September 2019)

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Dear friends, followers and supporters, our updates will now be published quarterly as you would have noticed from our last publication. Thank you for you for the love always.

July and August were set aside for final training sessions and evaluations of a one year project launched last September 2018 to enable rural women and girls from 4 communities in the North West Region of Cameroon gain basic knowledge on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR); menstrual hygiene management (MHM) and provide access to reusable sanitary pads.

The last training for the project was done in all 7 groups on the production of reusable sanitary pads.  Over 266 women trained highly appreciated the skill. They are now able to manage their menstrual hygiene properly through the produce and consumption of the sanitary pads by themselves. They also supply other women in their community.

Another major activity for the month was the distribution of clothes to pregnant women/breastfeeding mothers and women thanks to a material (mostly babies’ clothes and few for women) and financial donation made by one of our supporter. With the donation, these provided relief assistance to the beneficiaries who lack access to basic facilities because of the ongoing crisis in the region.

All beneficiaries 62 people from Tumuku and 83 people from the 2 groups of Twang and Muchuni in Chuaku amongst which 37 were breastfeeding mothers/pregnant women with their babies thanked AYA immensely and promised to keep the memories of all good deeds so dearly in their hearts.

We held a second workshop with the presidents of all groups, volunteers, quarter heads and council chairpersons. They  met to discuss gender-based violence in terms of marriage and widows rights. Participants highlighted the challenges faced by women/girls as they advocate against such traditional practices.

The male participants promised to continue the fight to end GBV against women and to promote gender equality in the community. It was remarkable to have 107 women and volunteers, and several community leaders  and traditional leaders present, it is rare such topics discussed in the presence of traditional authorities. We appreciate the gradual shifting of attitudes in the communities since the start of the project last year.

In September, the heavy and continuous rainfall could not stop women to attend a traditional council session at Chuaku with the general supervision of the field coordinator. They met with traditional rulers to discuss GBV with emphasis laid on women’s right to have access land properties.

Traditional council members started the advocacy campaign on GBV in their council meetings as well as in their communities, after they attended the past workshops with the women. The quarter head of Chuaku encouraged the African Youth Alliance to continue with awareness raising and sensitisations in the whole community. He feels encouraged to have for the first time been invited to discuss such issues with women.

The gracious support of a new partner in France  enabled us to carry out trainings on powder soap production, medicated soap and body lotion for new members in the group at Elemighong and the 2 groups of Twang and Muchuni in Chuaku. The trainings continued to provide access to basic needs as well as improve on livelihoods with the scarcity of those basic commodities in their communities caused by the Anglophone crisis.

We extend our profound gratitude to all our supporters. Contact us aa africanyouthalliance@gmail.com if you are interested in supporting our activities.