2019 Milestones and New Year Wishes!

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AYA Group in its mission to support and empower women/girls in rural communities of North West Cameroon implemented a range of projects and activities to provide safe space and suitable living conditions for them in the following domains:

  • Health: Through a 1-year funded project, AYA was able to educate women/girls with the support of a community nurse on menstruation, menstrual hygiene management, body hygiene, common STIs, HIV/AIDS and nutrition. IMG-20190822-WA0061The women/girls were able to learn about family planning, improve on their personal hygiene as well as produce reusable sanitary pads.


  • Advocacy and rights:  Women were trained to advocate for their rights to have access to landed properties and  influence gender biased customary laws in their respective communities through workshops and exchange visits. IMG-20191214-WA0037The highlight of the project was the audience granted to the women advocates for the first time during traditional elders meeting sessions to speak on issues affecting them.


  • Agriculture: Gardens were established by women groups in some rural communities. The crisis rocking the Anglophone regions has greatly affected agricultural activities especially in rural areas which they solely depend  on those gardens as means of livelihood.

    The gardens provided food for their families and income through marketing the excess harvest.


  • Socio-economic empowerment: With financial and material support from a donor in France, some vulnerable women and babies affected by the ongoing socio-political crisis in the English regions, were empowered on income generation through trainings on production of body lotion, medicated soap and powder soap to enable them raise extra income.

    The material support which was mainly baby’s clothes was also distributed to internally displaced mothers.


  • Activism: From safe spaces created for women and girls groups through all the projects/activities implemented in 2019, it did empowered and improved on their knowledge and advocacy skills through networking, exchanging and sharing of ideas during workshops, and the 16 days activism campaign carried out in their respective communities.

The team of volunteers of the African Youth Alliance, the rural women and girls we work with in villages of North West Cameroon wish you a Happy Year 2020😊! We are grateful for all your support!