What we do


Our organization is a 100% female-led and volunteer run association, made up of a core group of 07 women, all volunteers that reach out to groups of women and girls in rural areas of Cameroon. We encourage women and girls to come together into clubs called the MAD Sister’s clubs (Sisters Making A Difference).

For now we have a network of 20 clubs in villages of North West Cameroon we reach out to, and our objective is to create more groups if we are able to raise more resources.

The volunteers organize activities with the clubs regularly:

  • Bi-monthly meetings to discuss women’s rights, social and cultural issues affecting them. Our volunteers facilitate the meetings and give short trainings/short talks to the women/girls on their rights and various topics (SRHR, hygiene and sanitation, menstrual hygiene, etc)
  • Trainings with resource persons on leadership and learning new skills (soap, body lotion and arts/crafts production) for use and income generation.
  • Community events (dances, dramas, role plays, etc…) where we invite the whole village and where women/girls can pass messages on gender equality and access to socioeconomic rights.
  • We have also partnered with a local organization to be able to reach out to more women and girls. The organization is called CDVTA Cameroon and it works with older persons in rural areas of North West Cameroon. The volunteers of the African Youth Alliance train women in elderly social groups on basic bookkeeping and financial management. Our volunteers work with the women of CDVTA Older Persons groups once a month. We have started the collaboration in July 2015. We have trained so far 40 groups and about 120 rural women.


Education of children
Children during a workshop on community involvement

2. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), education on HIV/Aids and sexually transmitted diseases,

We educate young girls on their Sexual and reproductive health and rights.

3. Environmental protection.


Environmental protection is a key component of our activities

We develop community projects for environmental protection and income generation, integrating youths, women and children for an inclusive society.

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