About us

Women welcoming volunteers of the African Youth Alliance Group during a community mobilization

The African Youth Alliance Group (AYAG) was established in August 2013 by a group of Cameroonian young women. They are convinced that women and young girls, who are largely marginalized in rural communities in Cameroon have great potential and are essential to the advancement of global agendas for environmental protection, social, economic, and political change.
Frustrated by the scarcity of structures addressing issues related to women, youths and children, especially those in remote communities, they forged a new path, founding a community-based organization that would empower them directly.

Our mission

To improve the education and living conditions of women and young girls of rural areas of Cameroon through the creation of clubs in villages where young girls and women can meet in safe discussion spaces, benefit from peer mentoring, learn new skills and bridge the inter-generational gap.

We aim to empower women and young girls to challenge unjust policies affecting their lives and improve their skills through trainings on women’s rights, gender based violence, and livelihood support for income generation.



Young girls and older women should have access to their full rights, lead meaningful and satisfactory lives, with dignity regardless of location to ensure communities were women’s rights are respected.

We believe:

  • Women and young girls from rural communities should not face abuse and discrimination in villages because they are not aware of their rights.
  • Women and young girls from rural communities should be empowered and come together to have a bigger voice and fight for their rights in rural communities.
  • Women and young girls should no longer face challenges and male domination due to a major lack of economic empowerment.


Men are involved during community sensitization

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